Unbreakable – The Book


Most people believe you have to create capability or expertise to be confident. I believe that we are born with confidence because without it babies would not have the courage to learn to walk, or learn anything else, for that matter.

Faith Evan West takes you on a journey of intimate self discovery to reach your ultimate goal of permanent unbreakable confidence. Through inspiring quotes of the heroes who have journeyed before us, to the stories that ignite sparks of motivation, to the Action Now activities that will jump start your confidence and keep it growing and reaching upward and beyond. Faith will awaken the seeds of inner confidence and cultivate within you your inborn ability to become whomever, whatever and wherever you have always dreamed to be.

“Decide that you are capable. You are enough. You have what it takes. And you are ready to stand up and take it.”

Book: Unbreakable - faithevanwest.com

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